Dark Fission Launches to Bring Nuclear Thermal Rockets to Market

March 22, 2022 – Berkeley, CA — Dark Fission Space Systems, an early-stage space start-up, aims to accelerate the expansion of the space economy beyond Low Earth Orbit through the development and deployment of the first commercially available nuclear thermal rocket (NTR) engine. Led by Dr. Fred Kennedy, the Dark Fission team will combine years of NTR design evolution with modern advances in computing, manufacturing, and materials to produce a safe and reliable in-space propulsion capability with performance characteristics exceeding anything available today.

The frontier of commercial space activity is now extending throughout cislunar space, encompassing Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO), the Earth -Moon Lagrange points, and the lunar surface. Because of the immense distances involved, current propulsion solutions are typically either inefficient or very slow. NTR offers both short transit times and very high fuel economy, enabling persistent transportation between numerous orbits of interest.

As DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office Director from 2017 to 2019, Dr. Kennedy originated what has become the agency’s nuclear space propulsion program, DRACO. Dark Fission will collaborate closely with both government and industry partners to pursue the on-orbit demonstration of an operational NTR engine within the next five years. Unlocking the capabilities of an NTR is expected to result in its rapid market adoption for orbital transfer and lunar access services – and open the door to additional opportunities beyond.

Dark Fission Founders:  Dr. Fred Kennedy, Michael Jacox, and Gregory Loboda.

About the Company

Dark Fission Space Systems (DFSS) was founded in 2022 by Dr. Fred Kennedy, Michael Jacox, and Gregory Loboda to establish the nuclear thermal rocket as the cornerstone of an emergent in-space transportation infrastructure between Earth and Moon. By rapidly developing, deploying, and demonstrating a safe, highly reliable, and multi-use nuclear thermal engine  for space transportation beyond Low Earth Orbit, DFSS will enable a cislunar space highway system essential to growing commercial, civil and national security markets in space.

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