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Ultralightweight. Powerful. Efficient.

The cislunar volume is immense. Transiting it requires both high thrust and substantial fuel efficiency. Transiting it repeatedly – to establish reliable ferry services – demands a lightweight solution which only Dark Fission can provide.

Dark Fission is poised to take the next step into the cosmos.

In five years, we plan to launch an orbital demonstration vehicle powered by a nuclear thermal rocket. It will forever change how we think about moving around in space.

The Time Is Right

The cost of access to low orbit continues to fall. We are focusing on how to leverage this market trend and open the entire cislunar regime to commercial use.

Deep Experience Base

Dark Fission’s founding team and engineering staff have been building and flying space systems for many years. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

A Technology With Heritage

We are building on decades of development in nuclear systems and space propulsion.

GEO First

Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) is a mature market and domain with unique features. It is not going away – and Dark Fission’s nuclear thermal rocket will make GEO a more attractive place to operate than ever before

A Cislunar Highway System

We are designing the Dark Fission engine to take advantage of the orbital “terrain’ of the Earth-Moon system. We want to get you where you are going quickly, at low cost.

Our Team

Longtime space systems developer and innovator. Stood up the DoD’s Space Development Agency in 2019.
Dr. Fred Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer
Experienced launch system developer and operations lead. Versatile tech entrepreneur and Space Systems Engineer.
Greg Loboda
Chief Operating Officer/Head of Development
Accomplished nuclear engineer, industry leader, and builder of cutting-edge space system components.
Michael Jacox

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Huntington Beach, CA USA

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