Dark Fission is embarking on a historic mission to put a commercially-developed nuclear thermal rocket into space. This is a capital-intensive exercise – and we’re always interested in talking to potential investors who recognize the risks and rewards of opening up the cislunar domain (and beyond).


We’re just getting started! But we want to hear from you if you’re an engineer, technician, or just someone excited about being part of building out the next century’s space transportation architecture.

What we’re looking for: nuclear engineers, mechanical and aerospace engineers, folks who know their way around a manufacturing floor and a machine shop, and who want to help us put together a reliable and effective engine to open up cislunar space.

PARTNERS AnD customers

Dark Fission plans to field its first Dark Force engine within five years. We are very interested in partnering with other visionary companies and government agencies who can help us bring our plans to fruition.

If you’re looking to take cargo to geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) or beyond, give us a shout. We intend to start ferry services shortly after demonstrating our first nuclear thermal rocket on orbit.